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Who are Daisies?

Established 2017.


We provide quick, practical interventions to individuals who are in crisis and struggling with their environment. Whether that is through temporary illness, grief, chronic hoarding or self neglect; we provide a short term, compassionate service to make the environment safe and the client comfortable with ongoing support where

appropriate for their needs.

We have over 30 years combined experience in the Health and Social Care sector, enabling us to understand our clients needs. We regularly work for Adult Social Care and other Multi Disciplinary teams, contributing to Best Interests and Self Neglect meetings.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Amelia Ebrahim

Amelia has enjoyed an extensive career supporting individuals with poor mental health and learning disabilities to live independently in their own homes. Amelia has worked within senior roles, supervising staff and leading on care planning and assessment. 

Amelia is a real people person and loves to be "in the thick of it" helping people. Amelia uses her wit and character to put clients at ease, but doesn't shy away from sensitively reminding them of the ultimate goal, particularly when there is a safety concern. 

Amelia feels strongly that our work is only as good as the tools we leave our clients with and therefore she is a champion of providing sustainable solutions. Amelia takes the lead on ensuring that clients are left with whatever provision is necessary to support their independence, whether that's storage, essential kitchen equipment or feeding back unidentified social care needs to the relevant professionals.


Aside from Daisies she is passionate about Complimentary/Holistic Therapies and is currently studying to becoming a Holistic Therapies Practitioner. Amelia will qualify in this area next year and looks forward to expanding the ways in which she can help people to manage their physical and mental health. 

Zara O'Brien

Zara has worked with the elderly and individuals with poor mental health for over 17 years, managing a variety of services and large teams.  Zara has a passion for supporting individuals through crisis and strongly believes in a collaborative, person centred approach.

Zara is quick to put our clients at ease, being as informal as possible whilst maintaining professional boundaries. Together with Amelia's skills this often results in Daisies supporting even the most hardest to "reach" clients, making the transition to receiving support less daunting. Zara takes the lead on assessment and achievable goal setting, safeguarding and case reports. 


Inspired by the work of Daisies and her passion for mental health and wellbeing, Zara has created an independent company called Cluttered Minds. This service caters for a more diverse client group but also provides a pathway where necessary for some of our clients to receive a longer term service in addition to benefiting from a free online membership area.

In addition to Daisies, Zara has a keen interest in the Psychology behind our clients needs. Zara's ultimate goal is to become a Chartered Psychologist and she has already commenced training in order to realise this dream. 


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